Why Not Lease Your Hearing Aid Until Your Ready to Buy

Leasing Your Hearing Aid

Did you know that you can lease a hearing aid at Chears Audiology?

Why not if it is more affordable for you. We lease many things in Minnesota.  We lease cars, we lease phones, computers, work tools, yard tools, tools in generals, apartments, condos, and so many other items.  There is pretty much nothing that you can not lease in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Edina, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Bloomington, St. Paul and well the entire Twin Cities area!

We Lease Premium Hearing Aids!

We believe if you are going to lease, why not lease the best aid that is on the market today.  We lease the aids that will also be best for you and your needs and set them up for you.  We will program the leased aid for your needs, your prescription and your desires.

At any time you can decide to buy!

When the time is right and you have enough money into the lease you can buy your own product.  You can not buy the leased product.   Most of the costs will roll over to help you purchase the hearing aid.  Some of the costs will remain as costs and can not be rolled over.  But that makes sense for anything that is leased.  The costs that you will lose are simply service costs.

You can change leases and lease the latest technology after the 6-month commitment!

After you lease your aid for the six- month commitment you can exchange it for the latest and greatest technology.  Technology changes so often that it is a benefit of the leasing program.  Because this is a leased aid we only lease brands that support our program.  At this time, the leasing program are for Signia and Unitron brand aids.

When you are ready to Purchase!

You do not have to buy the hearing aid that you have been leasing.  You can purchase any brand or model you want with the leased monies available to you.   This is a benefit because often when you first start wearing hearing aids you are not sure what it is you are looking for, or what the sound is you like.  So this gives you time to figure out what you are needing and then get the best hearing solution for yourself.  We will work with you the whole way with our 5 star-service.

For more information on the details click here.

We at Chears Audiology look forward to seeing you soon!



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