Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to be Scary

In this season of ghosts and goblins, it seems there’s a scare around every corner. You can rest easy knowing that of all things that are truly frightening, hearing loss isn’t one of them.

Say what?

Hearing loss is nothing to fear, after all, it affects 36 million people in the US. About 1 in 3 Americans aged 65 to 74 and half of those over 75 have hearing loss. However, only 20% of those who may benefit from help seek it out. What can be really scary is that most people with hearing loss delay their treatment—some for up to ten years.

We get it.

There are a million reasons why you may be reluctant to admit you may have hearing loss.

I’m not old.

Admitting hearing loss can mean hearing aids and you’re afraid they’ll make you look old (they won’t).

I can hear just fine (most of the time).

Small changes to hearing can creep up over time and you may not have noticed how significant your hearing loss has become.

When hearing loss goes untreated, it can mean more than just asking others to repeat themselves or having to crank the volume on your TV.

Pardon me?

Effects on your psychological and social well-being may be linked to untreated hearing loss, as well.

It’s true. Studies have linked untreated hearing loss to irritability, depression, social withdrawal, loneliness, impaired memory, and diminished overall health.

Have no fear.

The good news is that most hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants. The benefits of treating hearing loss include:

  • Reduced risk of cognitive decline
  • Improved emotional stability, and quality of life
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • A safer, more independent life

Help us help you.

Creepy clowns are scary. Hearing loss is not. If you believe that you or a loved on is experiencing hearing loss, consult with Chears Audiology to go over your treatment options.

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