Troubleshooting Bluetooth iphone connection to your Hearing aids

Your phone isn't working with your hearing aids! What do you do?

When your phone app isn't working or your phone isn't streaming to your hearing aids, it doesn't mean that your hearing aids aren't working. It means that there is something wrong with the connection between your phone and your aids. It is very simple. There are only a few things that could be causing the problem.

If you have connection issues:

I. Bluetooth takes a lot of battery drain.

1. Make sure you have enough battery power in your phone.
2. Make sure you have enough battery power in your hearing aids!

II. Bluetooth has a fussy connection.

Often the bluetooth gets confused between one connection and another. To make sure it is not a bluetooth phone issue do the following steps:

1. Reboot your phone.
If still not working,

2. Go through the settings and forget the paired hearing devices. Reboot your phone again. Then go through the pairing steps again*.

To pair your made for iphone aids, go to *settings, accessibility, hearing devices, open and close your battery doors on your hearing aids, or put them in your charger and pull out of charger (you have 3 minutes now to keep your devices in pairing mode), find your hearing aids, tap on your name and pair them!

Many people like to use the app but don't want the streaming and the phone calls in their ear.  If you are one of those people do the following steps:  Go to your Settings

-->Accessibility --> Hearing Devices ---> Your hearing aids --> and turn off Streaming right and streaming left by sliding the green to no green.  And you can always turn the streaming back on anytime by following the reverse steps.

III.  Is it just the App that isn't responding

Make sure you toss or close the app and just reopen it.  That does not mean uninstalling and installing it.   Just sometimes the app gets frozen and you have to restart the app.

Very rarely does the app need to be uninstalled and re installed.

IV.  If none of the steps above work, it could be the antenna in your hearing aid that is giving you a problem.

If that is the case you need to drop your aid off to be sent in for repair. If you make an appointment, we will give you a loaner for a small fee.

Hope that was helpful!  Cheers,  Kim

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