A New Technology in Hearing: The Hearable!

What is a Hearable?

Can you hearable me now? If that sounds corny, I do apologize but the idea of being able to use a device to help you hear better is ear to stay. Although, these jokes are not quite right for 2019 that does not negate that fact that we are well on our way into the new year and hearables are on the rise becoming more popular as we speak. Hearables are ear buds on steroids. They do a lot more than allow you to just listen to your favorite songs. Hearables are essentially devices you place in your ear that has advanced technology with capabilities not limited to streaming your favorite songs directly into your ears, amplifying surrounding sounds, and even allowing you to control the directional focus of the microphones.

Hearables are for everyone!

These neat devices are worn by athletes, movies stars, and common folks alike. Hearable are fun to use, and many people feel quite comfortable wearing them. Wait for it, because it does get better. Besides helping you hear better in noise and cancelling noise, hearables offer technology that allow for monitoring steps taken, blood pressure and other vital signs. It’s a good time for me to point out that not all hearables will have all the same features they do vary according to brand and model. Now although hearables are fun and can act as a fit bit, while at the same time offering better sound quality to hear conversations, it must be noted that they are not programmed to your specific hearing loss. For some buying a hearable to treat hearing loss is like buying sunglasses to treat vision loss. Now although the sunglasses are cool and will help block out the sun, they are not necessarily the right prescription.
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By Jeffery Bostic

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