Traveling to the City… For Better Hearing

Coming Into The City!

Traveling to Chears Audiology located in the heart of Minneapolis is no tall order. Boasting a position that is sweet to the tongue, leaving no taste yearned for, smack dab in the middle of eat street! You will not have to fuss around looking for a place to park because we have our very own parking lot. Jump in the car, start that engine and travel to the city. Many people grew up in and around Minneapolis before moving away, so whenever you decide to visit Chears we will just consider it a home coming. If you know anything about Minneapolis, you would know that we are not located downtown and that is something to cheer about.

Avoid Rush Hour!

Of course, whenever we are traveling, we want to avoid rush hour if possible as this can slow down even the best drivers. In my humble opinion Chears is worth the short travel to better hearing. There are many things to do and places to eat in Minneapolis so why not make it an adventure. Minneapolis is a great place and family friendly. I travel to Minneapolis daily from Bloomington and no trip is lost. I travel to Minneapolis for work, when I have an appetite, an on occasion to catch a performance. I can honestly say I have not been disappointed yet.

Hearing Loss Matters, Call us Today!

Chears is waiting for you, with gourmet smells, good eats, free parking, great people and more! The list could literally go on. Bring your ears to Chears, Full Stop!

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