TIS the Sees Him? What?

Ooooo you said “’Tis the season”!

Having hearing loss can be pretty difficult. Especially around the Holiday Season.  When you think of the holidays, most imagine laughter, cheer, warmth, family, friends, and good conversation. When you suffer from hearing loss you might be thinking more like shame, embarrassment, anxiety, and frustration.  So when the holidays come and go this year try to be more accommodating to those who aren’t gifted with good hearing.

Those with untreated hearing loss may suffer from Anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

That can make them unwilling to travel due to barriers with a flight attendant or a cab driver. It can also make them feel like they are being forced into situations they are not prepared for. They fear not being able follow along with conversation, understanding a joke, judgement, and rejection. Hence, not involving themselves with holiday events.

What can you do to help your family member or friend feel more comfortable?

  • Keep an open mind
  • Be resourceful (speak loudly/clearly, use gestures, keep close)
  • Discuss assisting them with seeing a hearing care professional
  • Seat them at the center of the table next to those with the quietest voices
  • Lower the background noise (avoid doing the dishes, play the music softly)

What can you do if you’re the one suffering?

  • Avoid the kitchen
  • Give visual ques (cupping your ear)
  • Be honest about your hearing loss
  • Use an assisted listening device (ie: Williams Sound Pocket Talker)
  • If you have hearing aids, wear them
  • Seek a hearing care professional to assist you in finding answers and solutions

Holidays should be a time of happiness and union. Whether you or someone you know battles hearing loss try to keep these tips in mind as you roll into your holiday season.

Refer or come see us yourself at Chears Audiology in Minneapolis or St. Louis Park.  We have convenient weekend hours.  Call us at 952-767-0672.  Also feel free to visit our website https://chearshearingandhearables.com/ to check out our selection of assisted listening devices and hearing protection. Consider purchasing one to give as a gift. Happy Holidays everyone. ‘Tis the season to be hearing!

Cheers!  Devin D.


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