The after conference effect

Just finished attending the Minnesota Academy of Audiology conference and feel refreshed. AHHHH As I sit back and think about why is that i get more excited that I am on my own at Chears. First, I just saw lots of my peers and said "hi" and some I had more meaningful conversations with them. Some are my friends that I see more often and enjoy to see a friendly face. I Touched base on what is happening in their practices, what is easy, what is hard, what they like and some confirm the same old. The professional contacts are always great to strengthen. Visiting with the representatives from various manufacturers and listening to the latest and greatest. Again visiting with peers on what they like about the vendors products. Of course the various talks strengthen my technical talents. Some talks you learn from and some you just find interesting. Then there is always a talk or two that brings out my passions in some way. This conference I met a new peer hopefully to become friends. We found each other in the back of the room. I guess I like it back there because I am an active learner and if I can't talk and whisper and move around I might fall asleep just listening. Her passion is similar or in line with mine. Started all with Zen tones moved to quantum physics, filtered music, therapy and natural medicines. I hope we will work together on some of our goals. Oh the beauty of being an entrepreneur of some kind. So much fun! Cheers

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