Referring From Family to Friends..  

I noticed that my hearing was slowly getting worse over the past few years. I suffered through meals in "noisy" restaurants. I was constantly asking people to repeat and/or, as in my wife's case, to please speak up. The TV volume kept creeping louder, to the point that neighbors could hear what I was watching. The years of attending rock bands, racing motorcycles in my earlier years, and mowing lawns to help fund my education, had taken it's toll on my hearing.
The incident that finally made me seek help was when I was on a sales call with my business partner/daughter-in-law, Carly. As we were processing our meeting with our clients later that day, I discovered that I had missed two key statements made by the husband. It was then that I had to overcome the stigma of wearing hearing aids and seek help.
I was referred to Chears and Kim by my mother-in-law. Kim took the time to assess my situation, administer a hearing test, and fit me with demo hearing aids. Over the next two weeks, I tested two brands and ordered my own bluetooth-compatible pair. I can hear again!! I warn friends that I can hear everything they say, so be careful.... Seriously, I have overcome the stigma of having to wear hearing aids. Most people assume I'm wearing bluetooth earphones.
Since I've been wearing these aids for several weeks now, I've had numerous conversations with my friends about their hearing problems. I'm amazed at how many of my acquaintances have lost hearing and are willing to seek help as I did this summer. It's easy to recommend Kim. The Chears experience is top notch. I have recommended several people to Kim and all agree that this was the best solution to their hearing problems. My advice is this: just do it! Schedule an appointment, get over your vanity, and start hearing again. Thanks, Kim for helping me. Thanks for helping my friends and family.



Jim C of Camarata Numrich, Realtors with Keller Williams Premier Realty Lake Minnetonka.  ,