For a long time I fooled myself into believing that I did not have a hearing problem.

I turned the sound on the TV set way up and used closed captioning, at movies I heard about 3/4 of what was being said and didn't understand all of that. I said "excuse me?" a lot. I was very polite. 🙂 I thought that my microwave oven was broken because it didn't make the dinging noise when it finished cooking. The biggest thing in my life was my exercise class where I couldn't hear the instructor so I stopped trying to hear and just watched her and copied what she was doing. I wasn't happy. Then a few very nice people in my class came over and showed me their hearing aids and told me about a wonderful audiologist at Chears/Kim Fishman. They volunteered to drive me over to meet Kim and hear what she had to say. When we got to Chears Kim and her staff were very nice and very professional. I took a hearing test and that confirmed that I did indeed have some haereing loss. I was given the chance to try out several different types of hearing aids and after wearing them for a bit, I was given some by Signia. What a Revelation. These aids fit me well, were comfortable and I could hear! I was shown several different apps and told all about Signia. I opted to go with the rechargeable batteries. I know myself and not being adept, I knew that changing batteries wasn't for me. I now have a little unit I put the hearing aids into every night and I am happy with that.

Having hearing aids have made a big difference in my life and I am happy to share my experience with anyone who will listen. Signia is for me! And now I can go to my exercise class and listen to the soft music and hear my coach in the front of the class. Cheers! Lois S.

Lois S.,

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