Part II of a Hearing Story by Will W.

This is my dog. ChiChi, the chihuahua. For obvious reasons, he has super-sonic hearing ability. Just look at those ears! He will never need an audiologist.  His hearing is so acute that he is over-reactive to everything. If one sets his dinner plate down a bit hard he jumps back like he just saw a rattlesnake. Thunder, god forbid, sounds to him like the end of the world. In a T-storm, we can’t make him get out from under the covers.  We love him because he can protect our house. He can hear every footstep or sound, say if someone was even in our yard, he lets us know. He earns his dog food.

I, on the other hand, have lost some of my formerly-great hearing ability.

When it comes to audiologists, I do need one. And, I’m happy to say, and as I mentioned last week, I have found one, a good one. Thanks to the expert help from audiologists Kim Fishman, l am on my third pair of “demo” audio units and I’m already getting spoiled. With my units in place, ChiChi and I have the same super power of  hearing. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to hear every bird chirp, every floor squeak, and every voice ( but, please do be careful when you set down my plate, and, oh, you can quit shouting too).

The only problem I’m having is the reaction I get when I mention to someone that I’m wearing, um, “hearing aids”. Especially for young people.  I can practically see them putting me into the category of the wretched and from-this-point-forward invisible old person. You just might as well tell them that you just pooped in your Depends.

So, I tried something different the other day when I was taking a phone call using the current units. These things receive all sounds from my phone, music, calls, as well as all the beeps, chirps and other sounds it makes.  When they asked me, “Hey, how are you getting that call?

I didn’t even hear it ring”  I just gesture towards my ear (you can’t see anything there) and say, “oh, it’s just my Bluetooth devices… you know, the new tiny ones? Apple?… iPhone…?”   Now the reaction is great!  “Whoa, dude! That’s really cool, I haven’t heard of those!”   Therefore I resolve to never use the "H.A. words” again.

I’m going back to see Kim again this week. Maybe I will get to try out even another pair, or maybe I’ll just say that this pair is for me. I’ll leave that up to her patience and generosity. Nevertheless, life will never be the same!  I can hear you now.


Will W.,