Styletto breaks the stigma

There was a time in our glorious past when being able to hear was frowned upon.

A weird stigma that many millennials have a hard time understanding. It took time for us to ensure our parents, grandparents and the likes that it was quite okay to hear better and that anyone who thought otherwise should be rushed to the asylum as soon as humanly possible. But hey, I get it holding a horn to your ear to hear was not attractive or appealing. Insightfully I say that we have come a long way. We are in a new age where technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams, an evolution of the sort. I have news for the young and the old and it goes something like this “there is a new hearing aid that has come out, its name, Styletto”!

New age hearing for the era that does not want to be left out of the conversation.

Styletto Connect is a revolutionary design in hearing aids fit for the hip and the bold, the bold and the brave, the brave and beyond! Intuitively crafted Styletto breaks the mold. Much more than the average hearing aid, Styletto comes in three distinct colors so that you can accessorize your day like a pro. Choose either Cosmic blue and rose gold, rose gold and white, or even Silver and black. This two-tone aid allows you to impose your personality and flare on the world. You can now listen and live colorful with style.

High tech is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing this impressive hearing aid.

With Styletto connect you can connect directly to your smart phone with its Bluetooth capability. Your friends and family will know that you are styling and profiling. Stream your music and other audio from your phone directly into your ears and look good doing it. It’s 2019 and Styletto Connect puts us at the turn of the century. Creatively allowing the youthful at heart to travel hands free in the car and keep the conversation going. There really is only one question to ask yourself at this point. Do you have style?

Evolution did a stunt and thrusted us years into the present with thrills and sparks along the way.

With the unique ability to charge on the go Styletto is ahead of the times. Moreover, Styletto connect ensures that you stay charged.  With its portable charging case wherever you go your charge can follow. It only takes 3 hours to get a full charge and the portable charging case itself can provide up to 3 full charges with no wires or cords needed. It really is an amazing component introduced to us, the ability to charge in style on the go or at home. Setting the tone and leading the charge, it’s a no brainer why many chose Styletto.

When it comes to new age high tech evolution Styletto leaves no stones unturned.

A hearing in this day in age is almost just not quite up to par if you cannot have some form of control at your fingertips. Styletto can be discreetly controlled with my control app, but there is no need to be discreet. We live in the age when checking your phone for emails, text messages from the grandparents, or just to upload important content is quite normal. My control app is easy to use and with the touch of a button you can adjust your volume, stream your music, answer and incoming call and so much more.  The next big thing is here, stop in to Chears Audiology and get your style back with Styletto!

By Jeffery B.

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