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A Personal Sound Amplifier often referred to as a PSAP is just that, an amplifier.  It is not custom fit however they do have some good amplification if you need a little help hearing in some environments.  Some PSAPS have chargable batteries.  They are not a hearing aid.  They are not guided by FDA protection.  We have chosen the best sounding ones available up to date.

Hearables will be gaining traction in the market place over the next 10 years. Hearables are not hearing aids and are made with the purpose of helping people hear better in a particular environment for normal to mild hearing loss. These do not have a lot of amplification and so are not appropriate for a moderate to profound hearing loss. These are good for people who want to hear a little better in noisy environments, to protect one's hearing in noise or with gun fire, or to stream to a phone, and even to hear music better.