It is the Law August 1, 2019

We are coming upon a critical juncture in time where the law will require us to operate behind our vehicles in a hands-free manner. Breaking the habit of driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on our phones will not be easy for everyone. This means it is high time that we activate our voice command options. Many hearing aid manufacturers have in recent years come up with devices that make it convenient to be hands free.  Furthermore, hearing aids come with devices that allow you to use voice command to make calls and even stream music.

What is Voice Command?

Voice command is the ability to communicate with your electronic device/s without lifting a finger. Artificial intelligence responding to the sound of your voice has never been easier. There are several different electronic assistants available to be used.

You can utilize Seri, Google, or even Alexis to aid you in making a smooth transition into the realm of hands-free streaming. Hearables and hearing aids come with their own pieces and ideas allowing you to become hands free and focus more on what matters.

Here is a listing some of the manufacturers and associated devices that will help us evolve safely into the era of hands free:

Hearables:  For people with normal or mild hearing loss

The IQ buds boost

The Jabra

If you have the following Hearing aids, what you need for hands free:

  • Unitron needs a middle device called the “U-direct”
  • Oticon Device and the “connect clip”,
  • Widex brand needs the “Uni-dex”
  • Signia needs the new model is the “Streamline mic” older is the “EasyTek”
  • Rexton uses the “smart connect” and or the “SmartTek” for older devices
  • ReSound and their “Phone clip”
  • Starkey and their “surf link mobile 2”

These devices will help us move seamlessly into hands free normal operation.

we offer all of these streamers right hear at Chears audioilogy for your hands free, command listening pleasure. Come in an take a test on your hands free piece. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and we are always here at every turn, helping you place two hands on the wheel and focus on what matters. Pick up a hearable today or add an accessory to your hearing aids so that you stay Kosher!

Cheers!!  Kim and Jeffery

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