Signia’s new technology: Always improving

WOAH! Have you heard?  Signia just released a really cool hearing aid!

It’s called the Pure Charge & Go X!  The next charging system on the market.  Similar to the other Charge & Go, like your cell phone, you just charge them and… GO!  But these are the next generation.  These hearing aids are state of the art with optimal technology.

There are two models now out in the Pure X.

While one charges they both have acoustic and motion sensors, these hearing aids can take input from your surrounding and adjust based upon where you are and what you are hearing.

For example, if you are walking, the hearing device itself would be able to tell if you are In motion.   It knows that as you are walking and talking to someone and pass speech it knows not to focus on that but to continue to focus on who is traveling with you.  The acoustic sensors are more advanced so now there is a front vs back sensors, ambient detection to help hearing in background noise.  There is also the voice detection sensor to help so that you don’t hear your own voice too much! It also has a signal to noise sensor for finding the speech.

The new charger has a protective lid, dehumidifier, and room for custom molds.

I think people are really going to like that they can have custom molds AND the charger at the same time. Also, these hearing aids have Bluetooth capability and are 16% smaller casing.  The smaller the better for a lot of you wearers out there!!

When we get our demo pair, I think it’s a definite must try.  Always remember, Hearing is Cool!

We love our new technology and so will you,

Cheers,  Devin and Kim

952– 67 0672

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