Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom from some other process in your body. It is usually a ringing but can also be a clicking, hissing, roaring or some other kind of noise in your head. It is not imaginary but no one else can hear it. It is thought that most people with hearing loss have an occasional tinnitus or ring in their ear. Sometimes it comes on and then goes away. Other times it will stay. To some peoples dismay it stays too long.

Many people learn to live with it. Some people go on anti-anxiety medication. Many people do better with it once they know what it is and ignore it. There is no real cure for tinnitus. We offer tinnitus education, and an intake.


Sound Options provides a clinically-tested and FDA cleared sound therapy designed specifically for each tinnitus sufferer. After a hearing and tinnitus assessment, the treatment is designed by specialized software that embeds a customized sound therapy into music.

The sound therapy is embedded in music to provide a relaxing and enjoyable way to manage your tinnitus at your convenience.

Therapy Cost: $300 plus service visits



Hearing aids – some people report that just stimulating the “ear” with amplification takes away the ringing. The principle behind it is that the nerve is lacking some sound and once it is stimulated it take the sound to the brain and the tinnitus is quieted. Sometimes the tinnitus comes back on once the hearing aid if turned or taken off.

Tinnitus maskers – Maskers like white, pink or shaped and filtered noise are often used with conjunction with a hearing aid. A masker plays a little light noise and trys to “mask” or hide the tinnitus. There are some problems with this strategy. The noise can become annoying in itself and you can-not mask tinnitus. The tinnitus changes in pitch and strength. Researchers have tried to have people mask their tinnitus and they can-not.

Neuromonics- This is a type of listening program which tries relive the tinnitus through types of music and sound. It is an “ipod” type device with hours and hours of listening.

Fractal tones – Fractal tones are non-harmonic tones that played through a hearing aid or a “device” at a level acceptable to the person with tinnitus. These tones are non-melodic and have no emotional tie to them. They play soft and “elevator” like behind the scenes although maintaining audibility.

Chears offers the fractal tone therapy through the brand of Widex. Widex Zen therapy is to prevent tinnitus from negatively affecting quality of life and to promote the natural occurrence of habituation. This therapy is FDA approved for Tinnitus and relaxation. Come take a listen at Chears if you are extremely bothered by your tinnitus.

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