Otoscopic Examination

Otoscopic examination allows a look at the ear canal and ear drum to visually check for wax or foreign bodies.

At Chears we remove wax and foreign bodies very carefully. If the wax is too impacted we will send you home with a wax kit. They are effective, safe and inexpensive.

If you have a tendency for wax build up we offer wax kits and frequent checks to make sure you never have impacted wax.

Impacted wax can not only plug your ears but can cause a temporary hearing loss. It blocks the sound from going through to hit your ear drum and vibrate your ear drum. A lot more power is needed to go through the wax and vibrate the ear drum. Again this is only a temporary loss as once you remove the wax the sound hits your ear drum easier.

We recommend wax kits that irrigate your ears with water safely and effectively. A little oil sometimes is needed. We sell the kits at Chears.

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