Hearing Tests


hearing screening test is usually the first step in which an individual’s hearing is checked to see if further evaluation is required. This is a quick and cost-effective way to separate people into a pass group or a fail group. Those people who “pass” our hearing tests in MN have no or at least a very mild hearing loss. Those who fail are in need of a more detailed hearing evaluation such as a diagnostic test.

diagnostic evaluation is an assessment of an individual’s hearing by a licensed hearing professional. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the type and degree of the hearing loss and the best treatment available. After the assessment, our audiologist would advise the patient as to what solutions are available, complete with an estimate.

Our hearing tests in MN are thorough and painless. If there is a wax problem, we can take care of it. If we find a medical issue, we will refer you back to your primary doctor or an ear nose and throat doctor. If your hearing loss is minor, we will tell you honestly if hearing aids are not necessary for you! If you do have a significant loss of hearing, we can help you!

A basic assessment – When you come to chears we can offer you a free screening assessment. That includes a look into your ears as an otoscopic exam. If we see wax we can assess if we can remove or send you home with a kit.

Some people want a baseline assessment and skip the free screen. This full diagnostic assessment also includes an otoscopic exam to make sure the path is clear for sound. In this procedure, we provide a comprehensive check of the patient’s ears.

If the path is not clear,s we will not do a hearing test until the canals are clear of wax or debris. We also will notice if there is fluid behind your ear drum. If we suspect that we will do another measure called tympanometry. Rest assured that in all our hearing tests in Minneapolis, we take every measure necessary to ensure that the patient is safe.

Tympanometry is a diagnostic and/or screening tool used to determine the health of the middle ear. Tympanometry is useful to determine if there is fluid behind the ear drum or if there is a perforation in the ear drum.

The audiograms are measured with calibrated equipment, insert phones and recorded speech. We like to use top of the line instrumentation.

When you want to go through hearing tests in Minneapolis, visit Chears Audiology. Contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information about what we offer.

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