Hearing Molds

If your hearing aid sits behind your ear, it has to have a tube or wire that sends the sound in toward your eardrum. There are two basic ways to make the connection; they are “open fit,” or the use of an ear mold. Open fit is suitable for mild losses, and uses a soft plastic dome over the end of the tube or wire that sits in your ear canal. There are a number of different sizes or shapes that come out of a kit. We experiment until we find the one that works best for you. However, if your loss is a little more severe, we often find that we can’t get enough amplification, or we have trouble with feedback because the sound leaks back out of the ear. The solution for both these problems is an ear mold. We take an impression of your ear canal using a special silicone material, and send it in for a custom mold that fits perfectly in your ear. It feels comfortable, eliminates feedback, provides the appropriate resonation and allows us to tune the hearing aid more precisely for you. We are enthusiastic about ear molds!

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