Assistive Listening Device Technology and Streamers

Did you know that that there are now wonderful extra devices that will work with your hearing aids?  There are streamers that connect to your phone, so you can hear every call crystal clear in both ears at once, hands free.  There are TV streamers (Bluetooth or otherwise) that virtually eliminate the old “What did he say?” during the actors’ dialogues.  Your hearing aids can become wireless headsets to listen to music from your MP3 player, computer or cellphone.   Your normal-hearing friends may be jealous!

TV devices – this device can bring the TV sound to your ears via different modes.  It can stream wirelessly with proprietary technology from your hearing aid company.  It can stream via the loop with a t-coil.  You can also use a headset that works either with FM or IR.

Standard Phone devices - there are many different ways to use a phone to hear better.  Phones can be hearing aid compatible with T-coil.   Or phones can have Closed Caption so that you can read what your caller is saying along with hearing it.  There are also proprietary phones that go with your brand of hearing aids.  Check in with us and see what we recommend for you.

Cell phone devices – There are even ways to stream your cell phone calls or music to your hearing aids.  Each hearing aid company has its own method or proprietary technology to connect that may include bluetooth, FM signal or a combination of all three.  Some phones even have apps and technology for the brand you may be using to connect or control the signal.  It is all very exciting and so many options.  Come hear about the option that will work best for you and your technology level and interest.

Portable music/book players – The iPod/iPad, MP3 players, notebooks and other portable listening devices also can stream and connect to hearing aids.  Again this can be wireless or wired and have various modes to connect.  Lots of technology is available so please come hear about it and the best option for you.

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