Sandra’s Birthday

Sandra's Blog by Jeffery Bostic

Today was a special day at Chears Audiology when we celebrated one of our very own superstars, the glorious Sandra Hendrickson. She turned an age old 39 marvelous years old today and not a day less. We had the chance to enjoy with her a delicious meal as she loves to eat and loves to eat with people. She scarfed down a chocolate cupcake after lunch and did not share with her team. It was her birthday, so we expected nothing less than to feel sorry for any cupcake that crossed paths with her today.  We love to watch her shine whether it be eating or just lifting the mood.

Sandra is a natural people’s person and has always been a great fit at Chears. At any given moment she can be heard letting out what appears to be the sound of a pig being stepped on. She really loves helping people and would more than likely bake everyone lasagna or banana bread if we let her. She is the master of crafty nicknames from bean sneeze to chicken nugget giblet. A master at what she does and still getting better. She is approaching that stage where we begin to say, Sandra, you look amazing for your age!


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