Safety First when coming to Chears, then good hearing

These COVID-19 times are scary, and we want you all to feel safe when you come to see us at Chears!

At Chears we have been doing curbside care during these Covid-19 times for those of you who have called and needed something.  We now have been given permission to open with care. There is still a high risk of spreading the virus in Minnesota and we are going to ask you to follow our precautions.  These precautions are important not only for you and me, but also for Chears employees and for the following person coming in after you.

Sadly, we don’t know who is a carrying the Cornavirus.

If only we had antibody tests or even a test we could do at the front door to screen for who has the virus and who doesn't.  There is no such test, yet.  I am hopeful we will have such a screening measure.

Some people don’t even show symptoms when they have the virus.  The symptom-less person can still pass Covid on to someone else unknowingly.   Usually the people who are affected and get sick from this virus are people 50 years and older with compromised immune system or some other condition like asthma, diabetes or heart disease.   People who smoke are also at a risk of major complications of Covid 19.

Many of us have major anxiety about getting sick as the unknown is very scary too.  The news has pointed out that some people who are healthy end up dying.   Even if you are not afraid of getting Covid, we will still be asking you to follow these protocols.

What we will be doing for your safety:

  1.  Masks:  First and foremost, the staff at chears will be wearing masks all the time.  If we take our mask off, we will disinfect all high points that anyone would touch.
  2.  Face Shields: We will also be wearing face shields when working with you.  We will clean our face shields after every patient.
  3. Scrubs:  And we will be wearing a type of scrub to protect our clothes so that when we go home we don’t carry virus with us.  We want to stay safe as we are going to be seeing all of you and don’t want to spread the virus to you!
  4. Disinfect:  We will be disinfecting all the high points and anything touched between patients.
  5. Spaced appointments:  we will be spacing appointments for a number of reasons.  Cleaning time, seeing less people and keep the air clean to the best of our ability.

What we will require from you when you come in:

  1. Face Mask:  When you come in we will require a face mask.
  2. Hand washing:  Before you come in we also will require you to wash your hands with soap.  We do have a bathroom right outside our suite for easy use.  If you don’t want to go up to the bathroom and use soap and water than we have disinfectant.

What we will not be asking of you as there is no evidence it is worthy.

We have decided not to do a fever screen that so many businesses are doing.   We don’t believe that will give us what we are looking for, and thus will give us a fake sense of security.  As we know and mentioned above, so many people have no symptoms.  Instead we ask you to not come in if you even feel remotely unwell or have any kind of sore throat, achy body, cough, lack of smell or taste, or just feel more tired than normal for no reason you can think.

Most importantly, I want you all safe and to stay well.  Hearing is important and we are ready to start seeing you.   Let’s get your hearing needs met.  We can do it well and still have fun, while being safe.

I appreciate you all!

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