Return Guidelines for Services Rendered



  1. All paid demo fees will go towards the purchase of a service package.
  2. There are three service packages available
    1. Basic two-month service
    2. Two-year Carefree service
  • All-inclusive five-year package

*Service explanation attached.   ______________

  1. The hearing aid/s may be returned as stated in the Purchase Agreement.


  1. Service fees rendered cannot be refunded and will be no more than the cost of the Basic Services Package, even though another package may have been purchased, as long as services performed are within a two-month period.

The following are service fees included in the cost of fitting your hearing device/s:

  • Demo Service (see demo form)
  • Dispensing Fee ($550)
  • Appointment Fees ($60/appt)
  • Applicable batteries
  • Guidance with selection of device/s

I agree to the cost of service fees rendered and understand that these fees are non-refundable.



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