Info on Hearing Loops

Information on Hearing Loops

A hearing loop is a listening system that can be installed in any room where a microphone is used. The microphone is connected to an amplifier that sends the speaker’s voice to a loop of copper wire that encircles the room in the ceiling or floor. The wire creates an invisible magnetic field throughout the room. If a hearing aid wearer has a component called a T-coil in his hearing aids, it will pick up the speaker’s voice from the magnetic field and deliver crystal-clear sound to the listener’s ears. Most hearing aids have a T-coil, though the user may not be aware that it is there. If you are wondering about your hearing aids, visit your audiologist to ask if you have a T-coil. You may need to have it activated, and learn how to use it, usually by just pressing a button on the aid.

Europe, especially the U.K., has loops installed everywhere, in theaters, ticket windows and churches. In the US, hearing loops are becoming common in Michigan, Wisconsin and several other states. Minnesota doesn’t have many loops yet, but we are helping spread the word, and the number is growing. Maybe your church or synagogue will be next!

Learn more about hearing loops here.

Hearing Looped Facilities in Minnesota

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