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Hearing Aids

Chears Audiology brings expert audiologists and state-of-the-art hearing technology to you and your loved ones. We carry all brands, makes and models of hearing aids in MN. Residents who have difficulty hearing with hearing loss rely on for comfortable day-to-day life for what they need. Believe it or not, there are even hearing aids that are affordable for the budget. We meet your needs because we offer many important features and services designed for you – no more, no less

In general we offer:

  • Affordable, digital hearing aids
  • 45-day trial period on all new hearing aids
  • A variety of models, styles and manufacturers to choose from
  • Follow-up reprogramming of hearing aids
  • Repair of all makes and styles of hearing aids in Minneapolis and Metro area, St Paul, MN

Information on Hearing Aids:

Hearing aids are devices that are usually placed in-the-ear (ITE) or behind-the-ear (BTE)that process sound digitally (there are not many analog or programmable digital hearing aids fit anymore) to fit the prescribed hearing loss of an individual. For example, an individual hearing loss may consist of inability to hear soft sounds. The hearing aid would then be programmed to boost soft sounds without making loud sounds even louder. Another example may be someone who has a hearing loss and doesn’t want anyone to see the aid. There are devices on the market that are so small or hidden that they are virtually invisible to the people around you. There are many different styles, manufacturers, and prescriptions that help our population hear better.

Learn More About Hearing Aids:

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Explanation of Levels of technology:

Hearing aid manufacturers like other industries have different levels of technology so that those who want more value and do not need the highest level can purchase just what they need.    I always tell my patients to get the best that they can afford.   Hearing is priceless and wanting to hear to the best of your ability in your personal environments is what you want.   So below is the general difference in Standard, Advance and Premium levels.

Standard Level – Has the current technology in it and so it is not yesteryears technology but today’s technology.  It has technology for hearing in quiet and should sound good. Standard technology usually includes comfort, a few memory programs, directional microphones, feedback protection, streaming abilities, t-coil for hearing loop and custom fitting.   This is the value level.

Advance technology – Has the current technology in it and everything theStandardlevel has plus usually some speech enhancement technology and noise reduction technology.  Some focus shifting patterns for hearing speech in noise.

Premium technology – Has the current technology and everything the advance technology has plus ear to ear information, more advanced features such as hearing in party environments with multiple talkers, wind features and other special environment features with many shifting focus patterns.

Premium Hearing aids-
Plus 5 years all-inclusive Service"
2 premium hearing aids any style; brand; model
Two earmolds
Free demos with purchase
Hearing-Aid Evaluation/Consultation
Hearing Device Fitting
45-day Trial
3-year Repair and Loss & Damage warranties on hearing device (NO service charges)
Follow-up appointments - 4 years
Batteries - 4 years
6-month hearing-aid check and cleaning appointment for routine care for 4 years
Removal of Wax
New Technology Test Drive
Birthday and Event Invites
Warranty Reminders
Email correspondence from care provider
Real-Ear Measures; fine tuning; cleaning; maintenance
TechnologyCostRepair WarrantyL & D
STANDARD Technology$2000-$3000/pair3-Year Repair Warranty3-year L & D
ADVANCED Technology$3100-$4200/pair3-Year Repair Warranty3-year L & D
PREMIUM Technology$4300-$5500/pair3-Year Repair Warranty3-year L & D

Hearing Molds

If your hearing aid sits behind your ear, it has to have a tube or wire that sends the sound in toward your eardrum. There are two basic ways to make the connection; they are “open fit,” or the use of an ear mold. Open fit is suitable for mild losses, and uses a soft plastic dome over the end of the tube or wire that sits in your ear canal. There are a number of different sizes or shapes that come out of a kit. We experiment until we find the one that works best for you.

However, if your loss is a little more severe, we often find that we can’t get enough amplification, or we have trouble with feedback because the sound leaks back out of the ear. The solution for both these problems is an ear mold. We take an impression of your ear canal using a special silicone material, and send it in for a custom mold that fits perfectly in your ear. It feels comfortable, eliminates feedback, provides the appropriate resonation and allows us to tune the hearing aid more precisely for you. We are enthusiastic about ear molds!


Information on Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

An ALD is just that, a device that assists with listening alongside or without a hearing device. Some Example of devices are amplified phones, FM systems, Bluetooth, basic amplifiers, vibrating and flashing alarms, and TV devices.

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