Reasons to Visit Chears Audiology

I was thinking how Chears and myself are important in helping individuals hear better and all of the reasons to visit Chears.  I am very humble, however I was brought up by attorneys so I over think just about everything. I often self-reflect and reflect on the audiology field, which makes me wonder if what we do is of value to the person who wants and needs our services.

Number 1 reason to visit Chears:  We value your trust in us!

Number 2 reason to visit Chears:  We have a passion to help people!

Number 3 reason to visit  Chears:  We have experience and knowledge!

Number 4 reason to visit Chears:  We are up to date on all the latest technology.

Number 5 reason to visit Chears:  We offer all hearing services and provide the right solutions.

Number 6 reason to visit Chears:   We are ethical in business and not tied to one manufacturer.  We offer fair prices.

Number 7 reason to visit Chears:  We are providers for most all insurances and have contracts with 3rd party carriers.

Number 8 reason to visit Chears:  We work with you to meet your specific needs.

Number 9 reason to visit Chears:  We plan on caring for you and building a relationship with you over your life-time.

Number 10 reason to visit Chears:  We are friendly and helpful!

And here are even more reasons to visit chears;  We have a comfortable environment, we offer coffee and chocolate, we are on time (most of the time),  We like what we do and most importantly we again want to help.

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