During Summer Time We Need to Protect our Hearing!

Summer Sounds Protected!

Sooner or later summer will be finally and officially upon us and there will be many things to hear. The birds singing their beautiful morning chorus has already begun, and if you are missing it, you are missing out. I employ you to let your actions be intentional as you seek out ways to hear and enjoy the sounds of summer. Seasonal sounds can be invigorated from the bees humming to the dogs barking in the dog park and you do not want to miss out. We have waited what feels like nine months to bask in the warmth ahead.

Musicians, Protect your Hearing:

Concerts in the park, performances at 5th avenue, fireworks and parades oh my! Be proactive with your hearing protection and get ahead of the game. Loud noise can damage sensitive parts of the ear and cause buzzing or ringing also known as tinnitus. Hearing protection can help reduce the chance of this occurrence. There are many things we will do this summer and one of those are to be mindful of and consider adjusting how we hear.  We can fully enjoy our summer and many thereafter.

Handiman (Woman), Protect your Hearing:

There are several things we can do to increase the likely hood that we end our summer with undamaged hearing.  Working on special projects in the garage and using a few of those new power tools we have recently acquired is the goal. I urge you to wear hearing protection when doing so and if you don’t have any then Chears is here for you with many different choices to choose from. That lawnmower can get loud don’t listen to noise. Let’s be realistic, if you did one thing different this summer (protect your hearing) you would be a better person for it!

Picnickers, Protect your Hearing:

Don’t sit so close to the speaker at the company picnic. This summer is all about hearing health and I will say that once more for those in the back. The summer is on the way and we here at Chears would love nothing more than for you to protect your hearing. If you have already put miles on your ears you can start to set a good example for those around you. Spontaneous trips in town or out it may be a good idea to stash some hearing protection right in the glove compartment for that special occasion.

Captivators, Protect your Hearing:

Captivating sounds of summer can happen at any moment and we do not want to be caught off guard. I joke with many members of our Chears family as I tell them to stay on the proactive side of the clinic and not the reactive side. Protect the hair cells you have!

Come on down to the most hearable place in town. In the words of our neighborhood audiologist “bring your ears to Chears” as soon as you do, I am sure the sun will begin to shine!


By Jeffery B.

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