Protect Your Hearing Aids From the Heat & Humidity of Summer

Family and friends. Picnics and boating. Sun and water. Heat and humidity. They are all part of summer in Minnesota. Even though we love the sun and water, we know we have to take precautions to protect ourselves. We put on sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses. We drink plenty of fluids and seek out the shade when the sun is at its peak

If you have hearing aids, you will be wearing them to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun. However, just like your body, your hearing aids need protection from overexposure to heat and humidity too. Follow these suggestions to protect your hearing aids from damage this summer.

Hearing Aids Can Melt

Leaving your hearing aids sitting on a poolside table while you take a dip may protect them from getting wet, but what about the heat? Never leave your hearing aids in direct sunlight, even in their case. Find a cool, dry place where they’ll be safe from the heat of the sun.

Direct sun isn’t the only issue to keep in mind. The temperature inside your automobile can become excessive. Leaving your hearing aids in a compartment in your vehicle during a hot day could result in damage. Better to leave them at home or take them with you than return to car-baked hearing aid cookies.

Are Your Hearing Aids Waterproof?

There are hearing aids available that are water resistant or waterproof, but many hearing aids are not. That means moisture, in the form of humidity, rain or splashing from the lake or pool, could cause damage to your hearing aids. Wearing a hat with a brim when you are out of doors can be an easy way to protect your hearing aids from rain or splashing. For high-humidity areas, like the pool or beach, store your hearing aids in a waterproof container that is kept out of the heat. Last of all, at the end of the day, place your hearing aids in a dryer box to remove humidity and protect the delicate electronics from moisture damage.

Don’t Spray Your Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids become such a regular part of our lives, it’s easy to forget they are there, at times. This can be true when we decide to spray our bodies with sunscreen or bug repellent. Remove your hearing aids before applying either of these. The same is true when applying hairspray or perfume. If you do forget to remove before spraying, be sure to wipe them off and clean all the openings well.

Protect your hearing aids from heat and moisture, and enjoy your summer. If you’d like to learn about water-resistant and waterproof hearing aid options, we’d be happy to answer your questions. We also carry dry kits to help remove the moisture.  Give us a call at Chears Audiology, 952-767-0672.

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