Older Hearing aid Technology does work!

Old Tech but Still Savvy!

Can you successfully operate most of today’s new technology? How about yesteryears technology? I find it quite amazing how today’s generation can navigate some amazing gadgets but if they were given devices from a decade or two ago, their faces would resemble that of confusion and frustration. It’s even similar with video games. My son loves to play the newest video game fortnight, and like many school age boys he is better at it than me.  I cannot for the life of me, get the hang of it.  There are to many things to be done, to many buttons to be pushed and all while listening for the storm that is approaching. Now Pac-man and Tetris are some classic games and I resemble a formidable opponent. Although these games are from ages ago, not as sophisticated as the newer ones and require less button pushing my son as it turns out is quite disgraceful at them. New is not always better or easier!

Pairing older Bluetooth Technology to Hearing aids and other Accessories

I was recently tasked with pairing a set of Siemens, now Signia hearing aids with an older streamer and transmitter system and oh boy did I feel like I was completely out of my element. The challenge was fun and frustrating, mostly fun I will say. The device is called Voice link.  The first thing I had to do was find hearing aids that were compatible with this system. This was one of the most challenging parts, but I was able to use new age software to identify older pieces. Pumping my fist in the air and rendering a self-sufficient “yes!” somehow felt invigorating. The next step was to detect the hearing aids through the computer software. This is second nature to me and works the same way with just about all hearing aids.

The Interface Was Not as Easy as it is Now

The catch however was that I had to remember I needed to use, and older device called the Connex air with these older hearing aids in order to get the computer to recognize them. That took all of 3 minutes for my real eyes to realize I need to plug in the right reader. I then disconnected the hearing aids from the computer and began to pair the hearing aids with the voice link. Now the voice link device comes with a transmitter and an easy-Tek. The transmitter can be used as a stand-alone microphone and can amplify sound in a given space and will send it directly into the patients hearing aids. It can also be connected to a television, cell phone and other devices with a wire and some devices wirelessly using Bluetooth.

There is a Middle Man that has to be added into the Connection

The easy-Tek is a separate device that is meant to be worn around the neck, allowing your phone to communicate with your hearing aid wirelessly. This allows for you to stream all your audio directly into your aids including calls, music, and more. I digress, and as I dived deep into the matter of things, I could not for the life of me figure out how to pair these three, the hearing aids, the transmitter and the easy- Tek. Along with these three I also had to be sure to pair the phone and download an application to be used. Talk about giving yourself a headache. The key was just to figure out which combination of buttons to push at which time. Once paired they were always paired. I paired the easy-Tek to the phone and made a phone call to test if it was successful and I had myself another “yes!” moment. I then pair the transmitter with the phone and quickly realized this was not necessary. I thought to myself that I would pair the transmitter with the easy-Tek and in doing so the hearing aid would gather any incoming sound from the transmitter.

Figuring out how to Pair the Hearing Aid Technology to the Middle Streamer

Trying to get the transmitter to catch up with the easy-Tek was the task to tackle. I held down three buttons on the easy-Tek to allow for it to be found by the transmitter, I then turned the transmitter on and said to myself “wait for it” I literally had to wait just a tad bit for the transmitter and easy-Tek to connect, and you know what happened once they did, right? Fist pump leading to a “yes!”. Next, I decided to play with the transmitter in order to put it in microphone mode. I just pushed the sound level button and held it for a few seconds until it turned purple and the transmitter would literally pick up every background sound in the room and send it into my hearing aids. I was totally blown away and quite surprised at the quality. Now here at Chears we offer great products, however, the sound quality of this older product was quite comparable to the newer products. It did good for its age. Then to put a cherry on top, I was able to connect these old hearing aids to the tv transmitter and boy oh boy did I feel a fist pump moment followed by a “yes!” coming on. It worked, it really worked, it all worked! Here at Chears whether it’s new technology or old, we are willing and ready to work with you and for you so let’s work together!

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By Jeffery B.

(Less than one year in this field and owning it!)

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