OH NO, My Hearing Aid Isn’t Working!

Trouble with my Aid

Many times, I have heard people ask the question “What am I doing wrong” and my answer is usually, “let’s take a look and find out.” 😊 When hearing aids are not working properly, chances are you have done nothing wrong. This does not mean you cannot take corrective action and solve the problem at hand. There are many troubleshooting techniques you can exercise in that time of need. You need to have a few tools in your toolbelt and if all else fails stop by Chears Audiology and get the genuine patient centered care you need.
One of the most common problems with a malfunctional hearing aid is an accumulation of wax, either in the earmold, on the wax guard or on the domes. It is idea that the wax guard also known as the wax filter be changed periodically according to your individual wax production and at least every six months. Cleaning you earmolds and domes are equally as important. You will find that keeping clean hearing aids can make a world of a difference. Of course, for those who would prefer a profession did it then the good people at Chears would be more than happy to take care of your cleaning needs. We have seen just about every problem pertaining to getting your hearing aid back to working condition and besides, a little wax won’t scare us!
Believe it or not another common problem that usually puts a smile on everyone's face is when there is the need for a new battery. Once the new battery is in place, the battery door is closed, and the jingle of a working hearing aids is played in the ear, a smile is present, and a shaking of the head ensues. But everyone is happy. When the fix is simple, and hearing is restored, a sound never sounds as sweet. These are the two most common problems and if you find yourself facing such a task, then schedule your next check and clean today. The coffee is hot, the service is great, and your company is appreciated!

Cheers, Jeffery Bostic

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