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It is said that every three years there is a change of technology in our industry for hearing aids. Is that true? Well there are new releases from all companies every few years. Resound and Starkey have released hearing aids this last year that can interface with the iphone. The iphone has created technology in their platform that allows for direct streaming, meaning audio output can go directly to the hearing aid without holding up to the microphones. Before that their needed to be a middle man to grab that audio input and then deliver to the hearing aid. The hearing aid is able to do a low level type blue tooth processing. These aids do drain battery faster than aids that do not do this. What is the benefit to these aids you ask? Well the benefit to this type of streaming is that you can hear better and clearer on the phone. You can also listen to music and movies and the like with clear input. If this is your thing and you really need that help in hearing then this is a great option for you, especially if you have an iphone! If you don’t have an iphone all hearing aids have an extra piece for streaming to phones.

Widex last year released a hearing aid that has raised the high end processing so to speak so that loud sounds don’t get clipped and hence distorted. This helps hearing in back ground noise. I love the way this aid sounds in noise and in quiet. One of my favorite brands. I can’t wait until they release another one to make hearing even better! I will keep you posted on that.

Just this week Siemens released a brand new aid that they claim does better in background noise than even normal hearing listeners. I am having a listen myself and it sounds great so far. In noise I do get a little clippy distortion. I am trying to figure out how to fix that with programming. I will keep you posted. It also has an app and streaming of sorts. It is so new I don’t have a good feel on if it is going to rise ot one of my favorites. I will again keep you posted.

Come in and take a listen to some of these and see what you think! We do offer one week free demo and paid demos thereafter. Also 60 day trial on anything purchased.

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