My Mom Lost Her Hearing Aid Taking Off Her Face Mask

Please be careful when taking off your face mask

It is important to wear face masks to protect you and Others from COVID 19. We are learning if someone has corona-virus and wears a face mask, the chances of people exposed to them reduce the chances of getting the corona-virus from 80% to less than 5 %. (Latest news statistics April 24, 2020) Another important piece of information, according to the latest news is, if you are also wearing a mask and then exposed to someone wearing a mask that is infected with the corno-virus, the chances of getting infected are even less than 5%.

What does this have to do with hearing aids?

The simple answer is, when you take off your mask, your hearing aids may come off with the mask! My own mom who knows a lot about hearing aids, took off her mask when getting back into her car. Within a few minutes, luckily, she noticed she wasn't hearing well. She found her hearing aid on the floor of the car.

A Strategy to Removing the Face Mask.

One strategy to taking off your face mask is to remove it from the top of the ear instead of pulling it from the bottom.  When you remove the band from the top of your ear, that doesn't create the flip of the hearing device.  Practice it a few times and see if you can tell the difference.

Create a New Habit.

You could also create a new habit to make sure the hearing aid is behind your ear every time you take off your mask.  It seems the COVID 19 is going to be around for sometime and we may be using masks for an unforeseeable time.    Although this may a habit that is strange, it may save you money.

A Face Mask with Different Straps.

I saw a post from one of my peers picturing a face mask that tied up on top of her head instead of behind her ear.  It is possible we could make some of these that will cover your nose and down to your neck while holding it on without going behind your ears.  There is already so much stuff behind our ears.  We have glasses, hearing aids and some people have tubing for air.  Now we are going to have a Mask.   I think we can be creative as long as it is safe and comfortable.

I am staying tuned on the face mask situation.  I asked a person in our nextdoor neighborhood to create some masks with clear plastic around the mouth and a new way to tie it to our faces.

We want you safe while you hear to the best of your ability and not lose your hearing aids!  Miss you all!


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