Rookie of the Year!

To be an Audiology Assistant and be the Best

Oh boy, where do I start. I really have been filled with excitement to start my new Career at Chears Audiology. One is always filled with nervousness and a bit of anxiety when starting any new career and this is natural. We want to do well and at times may over analyze our actions for fear of appearing to be as amateur we really are. I have a background in psychology, so I understand the nature of the beast when it comes to feelings and thoughts in relation to new work environments. I will say that on day one I did not know what to expect. We were moving into a new building and getting things in order. As the rookie on the team, of course, I did not know where to begin, where things belong, or where I was to sit or focus my gaze.

Day 1

I come into the office and I meet and greet the wonderful ladies Sandra and Kim. They greet me with a delightful welcome and we immediately go into ready mode. By ready mode I mean to say we had a morning meeting to discuss how things would go for the day. The atmosphere was a work in progress as construction crews were working, plumbers were plumbing and electricians were running wires. With noise in the background and the smell of banana bread in the air, we discuss our day. Boss lady Kim showed me a thing or two about ears and hearing devices and how technology has improved in regards to hearing over the ages.  My amazing office manager really provided a sense of professionalism when it was time for me to shadow her. Although when she burps it sounds like a pig being stepped on she really gets the job done. I mean she knows her stuff!

This is a unique team and not just because I am on it but because you rarely get the cheerful attitude throughout the whole day at most places of employment. Here at Chears nothing less Iis acceptable and right away that is one of those things I really love. We ate lunch together as a team where we got to talk I mostly listened because I am new and being new I embraced my newness because you only get to be the new guy for a short period of time. I had a chance to meet Rick and he is an amazing fellow skilled in many areas but most importantly he is patient, cool, calm and collected. I can tell he has had many experiences in life and have learned from them exactly what he was supposed to. I am a fan of that mellow and wise attitude.

The store started coming together fast on day one. Pictures were hung, business was being taken care of and I, well I was still a rookie. But a comfortable rookie.

I have met so many people I honestly can’t remember all the names, but I will never forget the faces. At the end of day one, we all headed out of the office and jumped in our cars after wishing each other a goodnight. The team culture was established before I arrived at Chears and I am happy to add to it.

Day 2

So I arrive in the morning and shortly after my arrival, one of our nice clients comes in and shares stories. It was suggested that she go an have a doughnut from down the street because we are on Eat Street and it would be wild to come to Eat Street and not partake in the delicacies.  Not only did she get a sweet treat all the office staff were treated to one as well. What better way to start the day than drooling over a mouth watering sweet.

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