Jeffery on Sabbatical

Jeffery on Sabbatical

Jeffery with an E R Y

Told me last week he has to take some time

Jeffery has time and he has the why

So now he will be leaving us at Chears hopefully for only a little while

What fun we had from day one when Sandra fell going to Quangs

You mastered Check and cleans

Your almost ready for masking hearing tests and learning the specialty of the ear drum

How many people did you help find their sound?

What about the hearables and the streamers and the lost and found?

I will miss Jeffery's poetry corner

Oh so many great poems... and blogs!

Who is that crazy sounding man on the phone who jokes with Bao?

Time and time again will she fall for your phone pranks and sillys?

Jeffery you will be missed

Jeffery with the snowballs, the fitbit and Lus!

Don't forget it has to be tofu at Lus with no onions please!

Jeffery with an E R Y

May you find your step

Rid yourself of Glam doll, cakes cookies and the rest

People will miss you

I will miss you

Enjoy your sabbatical

You will always be welcome back

I don't write poems, but for you, Jeffery with an E R Y.. I do!

Peace!    Kim

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