It’s All Connected

I sing the same song every night to my little boy. You know the one: “The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…” The idea is to help my son learn his body parts and that they all are connected. However, there is no song to talk about our internal body parts and how they all work together as well. Just as our skeleton fits together like a beautifully crafted puzzle, our internal organs work together in one system.  

It should have been no surprise when my son’s doctor told us that his eating issues were a direct result of his ear problems, which were a result of issues with his sinus tract. Yet my husband and I were a little taken back. How can my son have eating problems because he has ear problems? Wouldn’t that be a GI issue, as opposed to something a trip to the ENT could fix?

Then I got an ear infection, and a lightbulb went off in my head. First, my son, my little baby boy, is a rock star. Ear infections are almost as painful as labor (almost)! Not only was I in severe pain, but every time I ate or drank, my ear felt like it wanted to jump off of my head and run to the other side of my house. I would rather deal with hunger pangs. Though, really, I really could not feel hungry because my whole body ached so very much.

My ear problem eventually dissipated, and life went back to normal – until I got a toothache. I had been to the dentist not too long ago, but somehow, something was wrong with my tooth. One of my back teeth ached terribly. Every time I took a breath, not only would my tooth throb, but my ear would exhibit signs of the horrible ear infection. I learned firsthand – it was all connected.

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Our bodies are meant to work like well-oiled machines. When one piece falls apart, the other pieces can pick up the slack for a brief period of time. As women and mothers and wives and sisters, we tend to push ourselves too far until the entire machine breaks apart. We often remember annual check-ups with our gynecologists and general practitioners, but we forget about the rest of the machine. We forget how it all works together. The rest of the parts can help detect an undiscovered issue that may save our lives – or at least our sanity.

In order to start the New Year off correctly, we need to change our view of how our bodies work. Get your body checked every year, including your ears, eyes, teeth, and sinus tract. Make sure nothing is hiding that, if found early, could improve your life or even save it. Do not forget that our bodies are intricate machines that need proper maintenance and care, just like our electronic devices. We would never use our vehicle without checking the engine first, so why check the exterior to ignore the interior of our bodies?

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