It is not just the Farmers that are suffering with the Weather in Minnesota!

This has been the worst weather year in Minnesota.

Today on Memorial Day, where people want to be outside, go on picnics to celebrate, or play in their gardens after a horrible winter and, guess what, it is raining.  And not just a simple rain, a hard-core gloomy rain.

It seems it has rained every weekend since the snow has gone away.

And let’s talk about the snow this year!  It was so bad and so cold people who were here didn’t want to come out unless they had to for work.  So when we do have nice weather, it is the topic of conversation, it is the cats meow.  We love a beautiful sunny day that isn’t too icy, too cold, too snowy or too rainy.

The seniors and retired people are the luckiest as they can get out of Minnesota

Seniors can snow bird for the winter months in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Mexico. (At least those retired people who have saved their money or have money.)  The rest of us are here day after day with this crazy weather.   Don’t get me wrong, there has been a day or two of good weather in Minneapolis.  On that day, it appears everyone wants to be out biking or walking around Bde Mka Ska (or if we go back to the original name of Lake Calhoun).

Today is May 27th

My mom’s birthday and a day before my son’s birthday the peonies are usually blooming.  Last year they sort of bloomed as the rain kept washing away the ants.  This year, no flowers, no ants, only tight buds; Maybe they will bloom later.

People are not going to small businesses to shop

A few days ago, I went and bought a bike for my son’s 16th birthday at a small private owned business in St. Louis Park, and Johnny told us that usually there is a rush this time of year to buy bikes.  Not so.  As one small business owner to another, I could see and hear his pain.

Businesses are hurting around town.  Yes, more people are shopping on line and big box for cheap prices but not everyone.  Many people know to consider supporting local small businesses.  Except this year the weather is super depressing and keeping people inside.  Even a psychologist I know is feeling the blues.   Minnesota businesses like bikes, gardening, small stores, clinics, hardware stores, building supplies, local parks and rec, and yes even my little audiology clinic are feeling the disruption.

What can we do about it?

We all hope the weather gets better or maybe we should build a big dome over Minnesota with lights to give us the image that we are outside.  Like the Movie with Jim Carey!

Notice I didn’t use the words “global-Warming” for those of you who think that doesn’t exist.  But let me tell you from the opinion of a small business owner, the weather is changing and not in a good way.

I ask you, my fellow readers to consider when you do go buy something, to spend a few more dollars to shop a small business.  It won’t hurt you and it will help the economy.  Shopping online at big boxes will eventually hurt us as your actions matter despite the bad weather.  We will all end up shopping the “A” word and warehouses soon if we are not consciously taking care of our local businesses.  At least big Pharma will be happy as anti- depressant sales climb!

Despite the bad weather we still have Love, Laughter and Health

I hope you all enjoy Memorial Day despite the rain.  I too am sorry we are not having a beautiful sunshiny day.   I guess what matters is that we and our family have good health, happiness and of course...hearing.

Cheers,  Kim E. Fishman, Audiologist.

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