If I could call or Email Bob right now, I would tell him he forgot one thing. He forgot to say “goodbye”!

Bob was very special to me and I was so shocked and saddened when I learned that he left us from the newspaper 15 minutes ago (6/4/20; 7:30Pm). He was on my list to call and check in on. Just a few days ago I walked around Wolf park and took a picture of Park Shores with all the hearts posted on the windows. I was going to call him. We are in a pandemic and I thought better not to see him. In the winter we talked about getting together for Coffee in the Spring. When I last saw him we were eating treats at Byerly’s in October. I suggested it because I found it hard to hear him at our more usual encounters at Yum in SLP. Ironic isn’t it that he had perfect hearing and I am the one with the hearing loss.

Bob and I met a few times prior to him becoming my friend. He wrote an article on hearing loops. And of course, I got a copy of his book and shared it with every senior I knew. I was so proud to know Bob! He was so knowledgeable, and I absolutely loved his sense of humor and his ideas. I was so happy when he would stop by and visit at my clinic. He always had a hug for me. He always said how he could never forget my name since Kim was his daughters name. We always joked about getting old, forgetting things, vision, hearing etc. I would cut out every article about him and send it to him with a note. He would send a note back. My grandma taught me to always write thank you notes and so Bob and I would just keep writing each other thank you notes back and forth! I have collected them the over the years and on his 90th birthday I was going to show them all to him.

I was going to share these with him on his 90th birthday.

It seems so odd in today’s day that one finds out a month later that her good friend died. How many times has it happened that we find out much later that someone we REALLY cared about left us? Perhaps I will understand some day how it feels when you know you are dying, and you don’t feel like calling to say goodbye. But Seniors, and I don’t mean graduating seniors, I mean my elders, please know that we DO care and that we do want you to call us, write us and give us a chance to say goodbye. Let us tell you how you impacted our lives.

Good-bye Bob! You left us to soon my friend. Perhaps you missed Joyce too much. I have not decided whether I should cut out your legacy story from the Sun Sailor or not as I can’t mail it to you anymore. This is my thank you note to you. No worries to write me back. I know you can’t, but if you could, you would. You would laugh if you knew I wrote you now, that you can’t really read it. But hopefully with others reading will make me feel better. I feel now that you left us is the end of a really good era. What will happen now that you and Sue and Elliot are all gone. Who will be our new seniors to follow in St. Louis Park? I will miss talking to you about the political mishaps of the world, Joyce, although you never shared to much personal info, remembering Elliot, senior stories, your stories and of course my mishaps at Chears. Who will I talk to about you? No one will fill your shoes here in St. Louis Park! Perhaps I will seek out your Kim and say “hello”. I will miss you my friend, more than you know.

With Love, Kim (Fishman)

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