Worried About Hearing Aid Cost?

Hearing Aid Specialists in Minneapolis

Often people tell us they did not come in sooner because it was about the cost.  What we know is that not getting help sooner may be a rationalization because even in countries around the world where hearing aids are given under insurance, people still don’t get hearing aids right away.  Is it all about the cost or is it about the stigma that holds people back from getting some help?

Here are some reasons not to worry about cost at Chears Audiology!

  • We unbundle our costs at Chears
  • We carry all different price points of hearing devices.
  • We have the same affordable products that they have at a warehouse
  • We have very inexpensive amplifiers
  • We carry hearables which are affordable and can help people with mild hearing loss
  • We charge separately for our services so you know what you are paying for
  • We do not pressure you to buy a hearing aid

Transparency is super important for all consumers and we want to be clear about what you are getting and we want you to spend what you feel is appropriate for your lifestyle, needs and beliefs.

Here are some reasons not to worry about stigma at Chears Audiology!

  • We will respect you and will treat you with compassion
  • We know that everyone is an individual and has special needs and wants
  • We can work with you to find a solution that may be more hidden than not
  • We carry all kinds of neat technology that is savvy
  • We carry all kinds of styles that are also savvy
  • We can help hide the device in your ear or behind your ear.

If you are a new user and worried about the cost and if hearing aids even work, then I have figured out how to help you.  The demo is the best idea for you because then you can take a demo out for a week and see if it something worth your while and for you and your family, loved ones to decide how much it is worth to you.  The demo also helps you see how it looks on you and if you feel comfortable.

So many of our people tell us they wish they would have done this long ago and they thought it would be a lot harder.  We make it easy for you to find your solution with our guidance.

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