Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids Specialist Minneapolis

The most important thing you can do to protect your hearing is to stay out of noise!  I know that is difficult to do because the world is a noisy place and you need to enjoy and live life!

It is all about hearing protection!

  • Musicians – get a nice pair of custom musician molds with a 25 dB Attenuation filter.
  • Hunters – get a custom hearing protection that can be attached to an amplifier that has a fast attack time so as not to amplify the gun fire.
  • Concert goers – there are all kinds of hearing protection on the market for listening ot music. If you go to concerts often, invest in a pair of musician molds with 25 dB attenuators.
  • Construction workers – A must for hearing protection!
  • Work-out buffs – Turn it to the left (volume down)
  • Jammin to your tunes via earbuds, beats, Bluetooth – turn it to the left (vol down)

Keep a distance from the noise sound source!

  • If you do not have protection with you, move away! The further away the better as it cuts down on the direct line to your ears.

Maintain a Healthy life style!

  • Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly

Caffeine, alcohol and other medications

  • Too much is never a good thing
  • Some medications are dangerous to hearing

If you are concerned that you have done some damage, come see us for a baseline hearing test.  Sometimes damage may occur later and not at the event.   We recommend a baseline hearing test as soon as you realize you have a risk factor.

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