How Hearing Loss Impacts Your Life

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Hearing loss has been gathering national attention as researchers have proven that living with a hearing loss can have detrimental effects on your quality of life.  Just recently, a Minnesota Commission has put together a whole website that dedicates why hearing loss matters.

Hearing loss does matters!  The rate of hearing loss is increasing in our population and initiatives are being held to help people get hearing better sooner than later.  Hearing loss in general is tied to poorer quality of life, loneliness, depression, isolation, risk of falling, increased rate of mortality, and a small correlation to dementia.  There is even a study that shows getting hearing—hence a hearing aid will improve one’s sex life!

Here is a list on how hearing loss can impact your life

  • Social isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Missing the jokes and enjoying the party
  • Missing important information for communication
  • Fear of looking ignorant or not answering correctly
  • Increased car accidents
  • Inability to participate in meetings and presentations
  • Reduced risk of poor work performance
  • Failing relationships
  • Keeping your brain active and getting the information it craves (sensory information)
  • A higher chance of getting dementia as people with hearing loss tend to have a higher chance of memory difficulties.

Blogs We Wrote:

Following are some blogs that we have written to help you sort through the impacts.

Before it impacts you, do something about it!

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