Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Specialist Minneapolis

Often, we hear from people that their hearing is not as good as it use to be, “but they are doing fine”.  What does that mean?  The trouble is people get use to a certain perception and are unsure what they are even missing.  How do you know what you are missing, if you are missing it?

Here are some signs for you!

  1. Someone tells you! This is a sure sign.
  2. You need the TV louder than what other people set the volume at.
  3. In background noise you really need to focus on what people are saying.
  4. You hear better in lit environments; hence your vision helps you hear.
  5. Talking on the telephone can be difficult.
  6. You report that you can hear, but people tend to “mumble”.

The best way to see if you have a hearing loss is to come in for either a screening or a full diagnostic test.  Most insurance companies will cover a diagnostic hearing test if you feel you need one.

Who knows, maybe you have wax that is blocking the pathway for the sound and it isn’t a permanent hearing loss!!

Don’t self-diagnose, it doesn’t work.

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