Hearing is A Big Deal!

Is hearing a big deal?

Hearing is a big deal!  For many the reasons why, hearing is a big deal are vague. Should I go in for a hearing test when I feel I hear fine? I hear well and could hear better if only others would not mumble! Nobody else has hearing woes and I don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb! I have been doing just fine up to this point why start hearing better now?!  These are the many statements and questions I hear from patients on the verge of bettering hearing.

You have to be bold in order to regain control of your hearing

Many people take their ears for granted. Keeping them clean, having annual hearing text, and even appreciating the ability to hear are things that often get neglected. The sense of sound is one of those senses that we appreciate a heck of a lot more once it’s gone. But what’s the big deal, right? Many people think that if they can hear a little, they can hear enough. This is simply not the case. Just ask the frustrated husband who is tired of his wife asking him to repeat himself, or the isolated grandfather who would rather not attend the family function because he can barely keep up with the conversation. Contrary to popular belief the inability to hear does not lead to the quality of life we deserve.

Some types of hearing loss are unavoidable. Age related hearing loss will occur gradually over time and there is not much we can do about this type. However, noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Moreover, it is important that we have a hearing test performed annually. A hearing loss can go unnoticed for a long period of time. Subtle changes occur with our hearing and often by the time we realize we have a hearing loss much damage has been done. Early interventions as with most things is crucial in the prevention of hearing loss.

Let’s be honest, you have to want better to do better

Exposure to excessive noise damages the hair cells of the inner ear and can cause permanent hearing loss. At this moment in our evolution there is no way to regenerate hair cells once they are lost. Noise induced hearing loss as I mentioned before can occur gradually over time. There are instances where irreversible and immediate damage to your hearing can occur. The loud sounds of gunshots, motorcycles, and even fireworks can be instantly harmful to your hearing.  What’s the big deal?

Let’s be honest, 90 percent of patients with hearing loss will benefit from wearing hearing aids. One out of 5 people with hearing loss seek treatment. This is a big deal; it means that more people could be helped if only they had a desire to hear better. Hearing loss impacts all ages. Hearing loss is no small thing.  One in every 20 people live with a disabling hearing loss, that is 5 percent of the world population. Of course, it’s a big deal.  466 million people living with a disabling hearing loss. It’s doesn’t stop there, according to the world’s health organization it’s estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people, 1 in every 10 will live with a disabling hearing loss.

If you are not hearing as well as you could, you should be

Hearing to the best of your ability is a big deal because it impacts not only you but those around you. Following up with an Audiologist for an annual hearing test will confirm or deny how well you think you here. If you feel like many people are mumbling, that is a good sign it is time to get your ears checked. Many others have hearing woes, so you are not alone. According to the hipster himself It is really quite cool to wear what works for you. Why start hearing better now? Simply put, your family wants you to, the little grand child wants you to hear the cries, and goo goo’s, the husband wants to be heard, the grandpa wants to enjoy your conversation, your friends want to tell you a joke. Shall I go on! It’s a big deal to hear better and you know it!  Now it is time to ACT like you know it. Come on down to Chears the most hearable place in town where your voice can be heard, and your sound can be found! Stop in immediately for a hearing test with your neighborhood Audiologist Kim Fishman and let her show you what a big deal it is!


By Jeffery B.

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