A birthday Poem for Bao

“Bao- pronounced bow: meaning something special”



Look in the front she’s a lady, she’s a professional, she’s wow Bao! She comes equipped with personality and flare, a foody if ever we’ve seen one before. Boa is a perfect asset to any office, with a collection of shoes’ that most women can only dream of having. She is friendly, sociable and soon to be blond. Bao is bold and speaks her mind, making her considerably one of the toughest women you may ever encounter. Although small in stature, she is known to get the job done and when she sets her mind to get the job done the job get’s done!

We celebrate her today for all that she brings to #TeamChears with no reservation! Sometimes loud when quiet is required and rarely quiet when it’s time to say what needs to be said, she is an ultimate game changer and we are happy she is with us. Not your ordinary lady, professional or foody she is Wow Bao! Visit Wow Bao soon at a Chears near you, or you can try to find your own, good luck with that: She’s one of a kind! Say it with me “Wow Bao!”

By Jeffery B.

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