Grandma and her friends

I just got back from St. Louis, MO and could not believe how noisy the dining area was for my grandma and her friends. None of them can hear the other. She wanted to introduce me to her friends as her oldest grand daughter from Minneapolis! So as I sit there she calls out "marge", then again "Marge" and again "MARGE" and yet one more time "MARGE!" Finally Marge hears her. 🙂 Even as we sit around the table it was hard for her to hear me and hear the kids and hear any friend that came up. Yes her hearing is poorer than the average poor hearing loss. I spoke with the general manager and she is interested in helping the environment be more acoustically soothing and with less echo. I also thought about working the tables so they may be either looped. What if every person there had a streamer? Can there be closed caption at the tables? I was racking my brain thinking how to help them hear the best in this difficult listening environment. My solution while I was visiting was sit up close to Grandma and talk slow. I am also ordering her a new pair of hearing aids with the latest and greatest technology with a streamer. Perhaps she will share the information with her friends so they may also go out and find the best they can afford with their audiologists. I will continue to investigate the looping idea for the tables. Problem is I am in Minneapolis and she is in St. Louis.. and bottom line it is really hard for her to hear me so far away. I miss you grandma!

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  1. Paula Pursley
    Sweet, wonderful story, Kim! What a gift you are to your Gramma.