Warehouse and hearing aids

Here I ponder about how the Warehouses got into hearing aids. Anyone want to take a guess? If you guessed right it is because of the money. Warehouse retailers like other big retailers want to sell you things for cheaper so they can make money. They know that we Americans like save some money. Who doesn't like to save money. I love to save money when you don't have to give up something else like service. Warehouse's buys in bulk and sells in bulk. They handle their customers in bulk. Is that where you feel you can get the best hearing health care for your dollar? Seems like you could, but you need to know some things about hearing devices. They are not a quick fit. I will be the first to tell you that most of my patients are not happy with a "quick fit". Hearing devices need to be fit over time and with care, with love and compassion. Can that be done in bulk? I don't think so.

I won't even get into the technology available at Warehouse. That is for another blogging moment.

Bottom line, before you commit to buying a piece of health care at a Warehouse think about what their business really is and hence the quality of the service and come give Chears a chance! You might like it! We are in the health care business and trained to help you with your hearing health care needs!!!  Why go to a Warehouse when you can come to Chear's house!

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  1. Today we had a patient return to us and tell us something that I want to share with all you Costco shoppers. She said we certainly were not Costco with a giant smile on her face. It made me feel so good because she loved her new device as she reported she could hear all the grandchildren this last weekend and all the students at her college granddaughters event. What a difference, she said. Cheers!