Connect Your Hearing Aids to Your Cellphone, TV, and More

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to use a cellphone with your hearing aids? How about your television? Do you still have issues hearing the dialogue on a tv program even with hearing aids?

We are surrounded with audio technology – television, radio, cellphones, mp3 players all day long. Sound is transmitted through these devices and can create both challenges and opportunities for those who have impaired hearing.

Streaming Sound Direct to Your Hearing Aids

Today’s audio technology provides multiple options for greater clarity in communication. You can connect devices to your hearing aids wirelessly through Bluetooth technology; streaming the sound directly through your hearing aids. You also have options that stream via the loop with a t-coil. It’s all a matter of having the hearing aids matched with the proper technology to connect with your audio devices.

The technology available varies between each hearing aid company. Too often, individuals choose their hearing aids without considering the streaming technology available for their choice. It isn’t until they experience the limitations of their hearing aids that they begin exploring the options available for bringing clarity to their phone conversations, television, or music listening. This is a mistake you want to avoid. Even if you don’t feel you need the added connectivity now, you may in the future. Choose your hearing aids with that in mind.

Hearing Aids and Cellphones: What You Need to Know

When it comes to using cellphones with hearing aids, there are lots of options to consider. It is important to find out what options are available when selecting your hearing aids and when selecting a cellphone. Here are some questions to ask your audiologist:

  • Are there phone apps for this hearing aid brand?
  • Do I need a certain type of cellphone to connect with this hearing aid technology?
  • What type of technology is used to connect the hearing aids to my cellphone?
  • Where can I find reviews on the cellphone technology for the brand?

The other thing to consider is your technology comfort level. Sophisticated technology is helpful only if you use it. Don’t be sold on “smart” technology that frustrates you more than it helps you. At the same time, if the technology improves your quality of life, learning how to use it can be well worth the investment of your time.

At Chears Audiology, we understand each person’s needs are unique. We operate independently, which allows us to offer a broad range of devices to choose from. Matching you with the best possible solution is not just our top priority, it is our only priority. We are always happy to take the time necessary to thoroughly address your questions.

If you would like to learn more about ways to improve the quality of your hearing when using a cellphone, standard phone, or television, call or stop in. We are here to help.

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