Chears to Choices!

-A Note From the Audiologist

I am thinking about the first day I opened Chears Audiology. On the Grand Opening, after spending thousands of dollars to market the event, the only people that came in where my parents.  The fear of going out of business haunted me for 2 years. Despite my uneasiness, I kept going, helping one person at a time. Now, six years later, I feel confident and am no longer worried about going out of business! In that 6-year period, Chears has helped hundreds of people hear better, and we want to continue to help more and more people improve their hearing.    

It would seem the success of the business would rely entirely on helping people hear better, but it’s actually not that simple. We must continue to find lower costs of goods so we can lower costs for our customers. Most people search for the least expensive hearing aid available, as they feel they are buying a product. But is it really just a product they’re investing in?  

Choosing Effective Solutions

When someone with a non-medical hearing loss (95% of the people with hearing difficulties) wants to hear better, they ultimately need to buy a product since there is no miracle cure, magic pill, or simple surgery that will repair hair/nerve cells or improve hearing. Buying a hearing product isn’t always easy though—we hear that over and over again. It is unlikely someone with hearing loss can simply walk into a store and find a product that fits and functions effectively for their specific symptoms. At Chears Audiology, we believe people should receive guidance to choose a product that works well and sounds good to them. Not all products sound the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all hearing solution for hearing loss. We have choices.

People like and need choices, which is why we continue offering choices to our customers. We believe with our expertise and  guidance, our customers can choose the solution that will ultimately work best for them and make their hearing a comfortable part of everyday life.

Moving Forward

In the next decade, I believe hearing will become more of a commodity. More people will buy hearing products, and products will drop in cost. Hearing technology will most likely advance, and there will probably be even more products on the market to choose from! With that in mind, how do we at Chears stay in the game helping people?

Here is what we know:
The warehouse hearing aids will still be available for people to purchase a cheap product. They have contracts with manufacturers and promise thousands of hearing aids in distribution. More manufacturers will buy out small clinics like ours, so it will be a one-product game.  Physician audiologists will want to continue fitting people with hearing aids. Drug stores will begin dispensing hearing aids and instituting mini hearing clinics, like Target’s MinuteClinic. These stores will also have bulk discount contracts with manufacturers.  We understand there are large groups that have purchasing powers with manufacturers, who will establish relationships with insurance companies, limiting people to a certain brand of hearing products. Unfortunately, that could limit people’s choices in their hearing health plans.

The hearing aid manufacturer wants more market share of their product. Because of this, the businesses that buy and distribute the highest volume of their products will have the lowest priced product to offer their customers.

Growing Chears Audiology

Our goal at Chears is to continue to offer a multi-product line and stay competitive with the market. We have unbundled our costs, but need more people to visit our shop so we can continue to lower our prices. Basically, if we want to keep helping people hear better, we need to expand our business! We hope to increase the amount of people we are reaching in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, and help educate people on their choices!  

Cheers to choice!      

If you are looking for a personalized experience in improving your hearing health, stop by Chears Audiology or give us a call at 612-979-0561. We would love to guide you in choosing the hearing product that will meet your specific hearing needs.

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