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Everyone has different needs for their lifestyle and schedule. Here at Chears, we recognize the value of offering excellent service and products for our patients. Even if you don’t think you should stop in, it could be a life-changing experience for you, like it was for one of our new patients. He walked into Chears on a cold, blustery day last month.

The gentleman confessed he has passed the office many times, but got his hearing aids from one of those big-box warehouse companies instead – and he was unimpressed with the results. His wife was desperate for him to have his hearing back. He was frustrated at how complicated it seemed and was tired of working so hard to try to hear.

Drop on In!

Thankfully, he decided to stop in to our “hearing boutique” to see what we had to offer. He was concerned about spending money on unnecessary products and services, but we quickly put his mind to ease.

I recommended a demo hearing device that would fit his needs.  He was a little hesitant at paying the $50 charge to take it outside in the noisy world for a week. He felt like he had already spent money on something that wasn’t working for him, but he put his trust in us and paid it.

Happy Adjustments

After fitting him with the device and instructing him how to use it, we discussed the features, costs and styles of hearing aids, so he could make an informed decision about his hearing health. He went out into the world to give his new hearing aids a test drive.

A week later, he returned to our “boutique” with a lot of questions about the different kinds of hearing aids and costs. He even noted our little office had prices that were competitive with the non-personal warehouse he’d experienced before. It made us very happy to know we had good prices combined with far superior service. Not only that, we offered an education on what he might be looking for. We strive our best to offer the comfort our patients need when they are anxious about their loss of hearing.

Ongoing Support

We finally got him fitted with the hearing aid that was best for him and told him to come back for adjustments until it’s at the perfect level.

Not only did we get a new patient, but we also got a new friend.  We were very pleased to offer him solutions and welcome him to the Chears Audiology family!  We now discuss current events with him and ways to make the world a better place. We are looking forward to his upcoming visit and hope his wife will send cookies!

Solutions Are a Drop-In Away

If you’ve been unimpressed with your auditory services and products in the past, please come see us. We are dedicated to improving our patients’ (and friends’) hearing.  We understand it’s not a “one-size fits all” situation and are passionate about your care.


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