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When Hearing Aids Are Not an Option

Are Hearing aids the Best Option for you? When you think of hearing loss and what you can do about it, many people think about Hearing aids to help. Well for some that is not always realistically an option. Whether it’s the cost, age, or severity of loss, hearing aids may not be the answer.…
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Let’s get what we want from the insurance companies

From the perspective of a licensed Audiologist My dear people, I hear so many of you ask why insurance doesn’t pay for hearing health care and hearing aids. Well sometimes it does and mostly it doesn’t. I know it is not just frustrating for you but also for us audiologists. In this letter to you,…
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Jeffery on Sabbatical

Jeffery on Sabbatical Jeffery with an E R Y Told me last week he has to take some time Jeffery has time and he has the why So now he will be leaving us at Chears hopefully for only a little while What fun we had from day one when Sandra fell going to Quangs…
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How Hands-Free Laws are connected to Audiology

#ThinkAudiology -- Audiology Network Post by Judy Huch There are many towns, cities and states that have passed cell phone hands free laws and many more that will be in the near future. No State bans cell phone use but drivers are required in many places to use hands free devices and voice to text…
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