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Famous Musicians with Hearing Problems

You may think you know a lot about your favorite musicians, but one of the last things you might guess is that they have hearing problems. Occupational hazards come with any job and hearing loss is likely high on the list for musicians who frequently play loud music. But not all of them developed it…
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Sandra’s Birthday

Sandra's Blog by Jeffery Bostic Today was a special day at Chears Audiology when we celebrated one of our very own superstars, the glorious Sandra Hendrickson. She turned an age old 39 marvelous years old today and not a day less. We had the chance to enjoy with her a delicious meal as she loves…
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Chears Poetry Corner

Bring your ears to Chears If you want to hear distinctly and clear It’s no surprise that at times we take the sense of hearing For granted until it’s quite late Wives and husbands become irate tired of saying, huh, and what did you say missing the eloquent sounds of nature the waves splashing, birds…
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Hearing Aid Cleaner

Come on down to Chears and get your hearing aid cleaner kit. You should not be without one. If you are going to have hearing aids you are going to need to take care of them. Our cleaning kit comes with a cleaning brush you can use to brush away wax and dirt. A wax…
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Getting into the grove of things

I am just so inspired by the number of people who have decided to bring their ears to Chears. Making a conscious decision to do something about your hearing health is such a big deal. In times past people have looked down upon others who have worn assisted listening devices as if there was something…
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