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Oh how we love Seniors! So important that we all keep hearing!

The Best of Senior Centers Recently we were honored to start working within a lovely senior center in Minneapolis where the residents are retired educated professionals. We met them at first at a little health fair type introduction with some other health care providers. I brought in a little cake and fresh coffee so as…
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Working together to hear better!

Respect goes a long way! Whenever we are talking with a person with a hearing loss, we want to always treat them with respect. Maybe they were born with a hearing loss or have recently acquired one. Either way it’s important that we talk to the person and not around them. One misconception many people…
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…And If YOU Want a Good Referral, I Might Just Have One!

Why I love to pass referrals, and GET referrals from my friends! I like to pass referrals and also I like to get referrals personally and well yeah, Professionally!!  They are important.   More and more people don’t even like to go or do something with out a referral.    I have passed referrals to people on where…
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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to be Scary

In this season of ghosts and goblins, it seems there’s a scare around every corner. You can rest easy knowing that of all things that are truly frightening, hearing loss isn’t one of them. Say what? Hearing loss is nothing to fear, after all, it affects 36 million people in the US. About 1 in…
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Famous Musicians with Hearing Problems

You may think you know a lot about your favorite musicians, but one of the last things you might guess is that they have hearing problems. Occupational hazards come with any job and hearing loss is likely high on the list for musicians who frequently play loud music. But not all of them developed it…
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